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In a constantly changing work environment, both companies and talents alike are looking for the perfect match. We at LEMA believe that in a modern, international work environment, it's not just about skills and experience, but also about the right fit of culture, values and mindset. That's why we've made it our mission to rethink the recruiting process.

Leunice Schallenberger and Mário Pires are looking forward to accompanying you on your journey to your dream job.

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Leunice Schallenberger, Managing Partner at Lema International Recruiting, reflects on a twelve-year tenure at Deutsche Bank, during which she garnered experiences across various countries and locations, including Brazil, New York, and Frankfurt. Her professional expertise particularly spans the coordination and structuring of syndicated loans, financing of overseas infrastructure projects, and relationship management. Prior to that, she spent four years at Porsche in Stuttgart, supporting the Electric Engineering and Investor Relations and Financial Communications teams, among others.

Leunice Schallenberger was born and raised in Brazil. She acquired her academic education in Germany, studying International Business Administration in Konstanz and Heilbronn. She is characterized by a deep appreciation for German culture, its people, and work ethic. Specifically, she values the prevalent efficiency, reliability, and professionalism in Germany, feeling a strong affinity towards the country and its culture.

A central motivational factor for her is collaborating with people. Interaction and the exchange of ideas and perspectives are pivotal aspects of her daily work.

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Mario Pires

Mário Pires, co-founder and Talent Director at LEMA International Recruiting, has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. With a degree in Computer Analysis and Software Development, he has been active both nationally and internationally.

He lives in Portugal and has worked in companies like Toshiba Europe, Dynabook Europe, and the Esprinet Group. He has also held positions in the commercial, marketing, and management areas in some well-known Portuguese companies. He possesses the talent to confidently identify candidates with exceptional professional and personal skills. Together with Leunice Schallenberger, he is a reliable partner who supports his clients on their journey to find the perfect candidate.

Collaboration and interaction with people are an important part of his work. This motivates him in his daily endeavors.

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Are you planning to work in Germany? Then there are some things to consider, from paperwork to cultural etiquette, and the devil is often in the details.

We have compiled a clear and concise list of key topics to help you get started. From learning the German language to choosing the right health insurance and finding your way around German public transportation - we and our partners at LEMA International Recruiting strive to make your transition as smooth as possible. If you work for a larger company, the additional support of the HR department is also available to guide you optimally in your first steps.

Work permit and visa

Inquire with the German embassy or consulate in your country about the exact requirements for a work visa.

Requirements vary depending on the type of work, qualifications, and your nationality.

The process can be time-consuming, so start applying for the necessary documents early.

Recognition of qualifications

Germany has specific requirements for recognizing foreign qualifications, especially in regulated professions like medicine and law.

You can inquire about recognition at the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB).

Recognition may require additional training or exams. So plan your time accordingly.

German language

Even if you work in an English-speaking environment, learning basic German language skills will make your life outside of work easier.

Many employers expect knowledge of German, especially in customer-facing positions.

There are numerous language schools and online courses specifically designed for learning German as a foreign language.

Application documents

German employers typically expect a detailed CV with a clear representation of your educational path and work experience.

A professional cover letter tailored specifically to the position is also expected.

Some applications may also require certificates, references, and an application photo.

Health Insurance

In Germany, health insurance is legally mandated, and you must insure yourself either privately or through the public system.

The type of insurance that's best for you depends on factors such as your income, job, and health condition.

You should register with a health insurance company either before or soon after your arrival in Germany to ensure continuous coverage.

Finding an Apartment

Finding accommodation can be challenging in many German cities, especially in metropolises like Berlin, Munich, or Frankfurt.

Consider staying temporarily in a furnished apartment or shared housing while searching for a permanent place.

There are specialized real estate portals and agencies that can assist you in finding a suitable apartment.

Taxes and Social Security

In Germany, employees are required to pay social security contributions, which are usually deducted automatically from the salary.

It's advisable to inform yourself about the tax system to take advantage of potential tax benefits and avoid surprises.

You should register with the tax office immediately upon arrival, and it might be helpful to consult a tax advisor.

Cultural Differences

German working culture values punctuality, efficiency, and clear communication.

It's important to understand business etiquette to interact successfully in the work environment.

Educate yourself about cultural nuances as it can help you navigate both professional and personal settings.


Expat groups, local clubs, and professional associations can provide excellent opportunities to make connections and find support.

Online platforms like LinkedIn and local forums are also useful for networking and sharing information.

Public Transport

Public transportation is widespread in many German cities and is a convenient way to get around.

Inquire about monthly or yearly passes, which often offer significant savings over single tickets.

There are apps and online services that can help you quickly find schedules and connections.

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular in many German cities, and there are often well-developed bike paths. Many cities also offer bike rental systems, which provide a convenient and environmentally-friendly mode of transportation.

Emergency Numbers

In Germany, the emergency number is 112 for fire and medical emergencies, while the police can be reached at 110.

It's good to know these numbers and also the address of your residence to quickly get help in case of an emergency.

Some employers or cities also offer special hotlines that provide assistance in various languages.

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